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ברוך השם

הרב חיים מצליח

צייר יהודי - חסיד לעלוב

ואנן בתר אורחין דאורייתא קא אזלינן

  Rabbi Haim Matsliah

   A Jewish Painter


The world does not know Kabbalah

Great passion and endless curiosity

Build broken Vessels opposite intention
Increasing crowd error
And prevent real good Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a big secret

Gift reward

Given by the king

Only the king decides

Who will receive the gift

Examines internal kidney and heart

Humility comes first

It takes two to dance Kabbalah

Therefore King Award

Becomes more complex

Rabbi Haim Matsliah The Jewish Painter

Dedicated himself to Kabbalah
Writes renovation Kabbalah

And all his painting pieces
Supreme top Kabbalah value
Occupying Truth

Born in Holon and raised in Moshav Orot, Israel

joined the army and served as an intelligence officer for several years

A graduate of the Tel Aviv University with a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree

Graduate Teaching Certificate from the University of Tel Aviv

Taught Architecture in the WIZO College for Arts & Design in Haifa.

Founded the family Studio for
Industrial Design and Textile Design

Classes for children and adults study Design Fundamentals

Tefen Industrial Park 1987-1989

Rabbi Matsliah became close to Hassidism

and has been studying Kabbalah and teaching Torah in Safed the Jewish ancient city

Blessed with a great blessing from the honorable Rebbe Lelov 

Rabbi Shimon Natan Neta Biderman ע"ה strengthen his art

Established private Talmud Torah
Giving personal attention and combined Torah with art
"Talmud Torah Bereshit Safed" from 1996 to 2005

Rabbi Matsliah is Singing his original Kabbalah music songs

Composed out of Kabbalah text. 

Four albums are Presented in Kabbalah Art site.  free download

First Solo Exhibition Hahayal's house Tel Aviv January 1978

Permanent exhibition Matsliah House Harry Street 25, Safed 1989-2005

Solo Exhibition in the village Tal El Upper Galilee 2008

Solo Exhibition in the Wine Winery Zichron Yaacov December 2009

Participates exhibitions by local artists Kfar Vradim

The gallery in his house

Oren 16, Kfar vradim, Israel. Tel: +972-4-9572526
Introduces Lifetime Living Kabbalah Art Collection
Always open

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