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Best glue

ברוך השם

The piece is called "Good glue" "Best glue" And there are all kinds of glue Some stick well Excellent paste We have already learned First condition For a suitable connection Of two pieces of wood Is a shif clean and smooth The adhesive surface Really slipping Until there are no bumps What gives A complete and natural touch The two pieces The painting describes Quantity of Lifetime Glue To highlight The liquidity Which are a value In and of themselves The prophet says Do not think Glue is good enough Do not think The glue does the work Never be satisfied It is only glue As good as it may be Do not rely on Do not be sure that Glue is enough The glue is only One basic option More worthwhile Use second option For concrete reinforcement certainly Double action is preferred Add nails At least two A minority of many Strengthen the connection Do it immediately So there's no need to wait Until the end of the drying process Of the glue The nails already give A certain connection And we can move forward Use Both connected parts As one strong part When time comes Dry paste connection With its full properties Complete the nail quality So much so that the connection It would be very difficult to release Separation of the two parts Who were One topic Look for the woman Which suits you best One woman And only one Lifetime walk One a whole building Without her You are not to be count Without her you're dead Without her The work of Hashem Not found Does not exist At all And I have not started yet To say my words I am here At the far end Of the introductions Far away Not to mention them at all And without them You can not talk What are we talking about Desert Uninhabited place Only About A deceptive imagination Stumbling The main thing Is missing from the book The Jewish Painter תודה אוהב חיים 

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